Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. It’s commonly used for TWS earbuds, true wireless earbuds, wireless headphones and other audio hardware, as well as wireless keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Bluetooth is also used for communication between various smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices;

Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the Bluetooth 5.0 take below advantages;

As the Bluetooth 5.0 becomes the main trend, more and more moblie phones now support Bluetooth 5.0 like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc, here is a list of the some smartphone manufactuer model list

Then what are the main trend Bluetooth chip manufacturer and how to choose?

Qualcomm  — This is the best chipset, high end; The most difference is Qualcomm/CSR support APTX, APTX-HD, APTX-LL; Very low power consumption. Hot models are QCC3020, QCC3026 (Oppo earbuds O-free use this model), QCC5124, QCC5126 (Vivo TWS earphone use this chip);

Apple – – The W1 chip is very powerful, but not open to third-party; This chip is used in iPhone, Airpods,  JBL and Beats; Super quick connect and great sound quality

Airoha – – A chip manufacturer from Taiwan, middle high end; Low power consumption. Hot sale models are AB1526, AB1526P (Lenovo earbuds S1 use this model ), AB1532, AB1536;

RealTek – – A chip manufacturer from Taiwan, middel high end; Airoha’s competitor, Low power consumption. Hot sale models are RTL8763B, RTL877X; Xiaomi earbuds Airdots use this chip

BES — A chip manufacturer from China Mailand, middle end; BES is good at ANC (active noise cancelling); Hot sale models are BES2000, BES2300; Huawei earbuds Freebuds 2 pro and Freebuds use these chipsets

JL —  From China company ZhuHai JieLi Technology Co.,Ltd; Low end, but do very well balance between cost and performance. The lastest model JL 6936D is very stable and low power consumption;

Bluetrum — From China company Bluetrum Technology Co.,Ltd; Low end, JL’ competitors; Also do well balance between cost and performance; The lastest model 5376 is completing with JL6936

Action — From China company ACTIONS (Zhuhai) Technology Co.,Ltd; Lower end than Airoha and RealTek, more high end than JL and Bluetrum